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Home of the River Valley Travel Basketball League

Home of the River Valley Travel Basketball League


AmesburyNameEmail AddressPhone Number
DirectorEric Montague[email protected](508) 527-3312
8th AWanda Latorella[email protected](978) 852-0449
7th AJennifer Mariani[email protected](978) 835-2069
7th BLaura Hunt[email protected](508) 254-7906
6th A - BlackEric Montague[email protected](508) 527-3312
6th B - RedDan Bouchard[email protected](978) 837-1491
5th APedro Rodrigues[email protected](978) 504-0165
4th ATBD
DirectorJames Lenihan[email protected](978) 375-9461
8th AJames Lenihan[email protected](978) 375-9461
7th ANeil Magenheim[email protected](978) 289-0721
7th BJoe Drummey[email protected]978-289-8054
6th AJenna Martin[email protected](978) 985-8080
5th AMike Dunn[email protected](603) 818-9358
5th BDan Larovere[email protected]617-771-1658
Bedford NH   
DirectorBarry Baines[email protected](617) 913-9518
8th AMike Plage[email protected]
7th ARob McCarthy[email protected](603) 714-8874
7th AAlyssa Zink (6th grade team)[email protected](617) 921-4123
5th ABrian Olsen[email protected](603) 714-9808
4th ABill Collins[email protected](603) 321-7232
4th BGreg Skouteris[email protected](617) 448-2466
DirectorBecky Holden[email protected](518) 859-4300
8th ADan Boyle[email protected](978) 790-2916
7th AJeff Stevenson[email protected](978) 223-5046
7th BMarc Bilotti[email protected](617) 447-4477
6th ABecky Holden[email protected](518) 859-4300
6th BScott Blatchford[email protected](978) 479-0360
5th AColin Kearney[email protected](978) 697-3224
4th AMatt Spurchise[email protected](617) 852-9977
DirectorRobert Marino[email protected](978) 314-8496
7th AJulie McCarthy[email protected](978) 604-0188
6th AJoe Venezia[email protected](978) 375-2771
5th ARobert Marino[email protected](978) 314-8496
DirectorSteve Reilly[email protected](781) 264-0605
8th AMike Thomas[email protected](781) 363-0252
8th BChris Borbee[email protected](781) 277-1985
7th AMatt Lee[email protected](781) 285-5160
6th ABill Lisano[email protected](781) 572-7070
6th BDave Pennybaker[email protected](617) 571-3266
5th AManny Ortiz[email protected](339) 293-9908
5th BCourtney Callahan[email protected](908) 256-0861
4th A (white)Brian Pupa[email protected](781) 507-6746
4th B (Red)Bill Moodie[email protected](617) 835-4602
DirectorAndrew Lynch[email protected](978) 888-7697
8th AChristine Henry[email protected](978) 420-9525
7th AAndy Rega[email protected](978) 289-3065
6th AChristopher Milona[email protected](781) 866-3039
5th AScott Davidson[email protected](978) 257-5886
5th BAdam McCusker[email protected](978) 726-7203
DirectorSteve Berggren[email protected](617) 771-3077
8th ADerek Anderson[email protected](978) 771-0213
7th ABrian Curley[email protected](781) 608-0559
7th BSean Crowley[email protected](978) 944-0551
6th AGary Ducharme[email protected](978) 967-6897
5th ABrian White[email protected](978) 702-6838
4th AMark Donelan[email protected](207) 749-9391
Everett Mike DiPietro [email protected] (617) 717-4248
8th A
7th A
6th A
DirectorPete Lucido[email protected](978) 525-8653
6th AJosh Nisenbaum[email protected](781) 223-1128
4th AJulie Ruane[email protected](339) 222-1620
DirectorDonny Bautz[email protected] & [email protected](857) 222-5129
8th ABrady Finney[email protected](617) 413-4554
7th ADon Viselli[email protected](978) 204-5761
7th BKatie Durant[email protected](978) 852-5432
6th BTroy Gabriele[email protected](978) 228-8199
4th ADonny Bautz[email protected](857) 222-5129
Boys & Girls Club
DirectorMaricruz Lara[email protected](978) 360-6297
8th AStephanie Sullivan[email protected](603) 571-0013

DirectorKareem Davis[email protected](978) 479-5910
8th AShawn Machado[email protected](978) 821-1496
7th AMichael Moriarty[email protected](978)771-9955
6th AChris Holmes [email protected] 978-770-8605
5th BKareem Davis[email protected](978) 479-5910
DirectorRick Gable[email protected](781) 640-2245
8th AMimi O'Connell[email protected](864) 567-2997
7th AJohn Lequin[email protected](978) 766-0786
6th AMimi O'Connell[email protected](864) 567-2997
5th ATBD
DirectorJason Morris[email protected](978) 335-3305
8th ASam Graves[email protected](617) 694-0692
7th AJason Morris[email protected](978) 335-3305
6th ASeth McCollum [email protected](978)-967-7459
5th AMark Teller [email protected](617) 835-2578
DirectorFrank Olivieri[email protected](781)-389-3437
8th AMike Gioia[email protected](781) 264-8093
7th ALee Schulz[email protected](617) 529-7101
6th AAndrea Razi-Thomas[email protected](781) 640-3920
DirectorLynn Catarius[email protected]978-790-4789
8th AAdam Souza[email protected]508-472-1317
7th AKerri Giard[email protected]978-872-2877
6th AKim Crowell[email protected]978-873-0939
5th AJay Beers[email protected]978-902-2729
4th ABill Buckley[email protected]978-265-8565
Nashua NH   
DirectorLeigh Rioux[email protected]603-765-0769
7th AAaron Dufoe[email protected]603-321-1597
6th AMike Paisner[email protected]603-321-1597
5th AGrant Small[email protected]978-758-1506
4th AMichaela Zebrak[email protected]603-305-3920
DirectorRay Felts[email protected](617) 875-3611
8th ASeth Miles[email protected](978) 992-6345
7th APaul Mellet[email protected](203) 517-8064
7th BKristina Johnson[email protected](781) 738-7505
6th ARay Felts[email protected](617) 875-3611
6th BChris Mastrangelo[email protected](781) 870-7005
5th AJoe Devlin[email protected](617) 894-3672
4th CrimsonPat Murray[email protected](413) 372-2029
4th GoldShawn Fenn[email protected](206) 910-9224
North Andover   
DirectorJohn Dias[email protected]978.852.9452
8th AJohn Dias[email protected]978.852.9452
7th AJenn Rogers[email protected]508.284.9112
7th BMike Ruhland[email protected]617.939-6587
6th ADan Rasanen[email protected]603.545-5677
6th BJoe Agosto[email protected]978.807-2487
6th CJohnny Taylor[email protected]414.943-9408
5th ALisa Rasanen[email protected]978.852.1209
5th BJohn Dupuis[email protected]617.543-1002
4th AJeff LaVolpicelo[email protected]978.760-4220

North Reading   
DirectorRon Hajj[email protected]978-604-5627
8th ADave Suny[email protected]978-317-0861
7th AMark Farmer[email protected]857-231-1776
7th BRick McBain[email protected]978-853-2006
6th ARon Hajj[email protected]978-604-5627
5th AMathieu Olivier[email protected]781-605-7272
4th ADave Frew[email protected]617-957-8704
DirectorDennis Droggitis[email protected]857-829-1589
8th AMark Bettencourt[email protected]617-538-3236
8th BDaniel Skinner[email protected]781-484-8527
7th AMatt Jenkins[email protected]978-852-6090
7th BTom Reopell[email protected]339-224-0146
6th AGiovanni Galbiati[email protected]617-733-1077
6th BSean Flanagan[email protected]781-789-2736
Pelham NH   
DirectorJoshua Rose[email protected]978-869-9297
8th AJason Riley[email protected]978-770-3937
7th AKevin Wilkins[email protected]617-279-6375
6th AGeorge Muldoon[email protected]603-892-3057
5th AJames Sarcione[email protected]978-305-2455
4th ALyle Estell[email protected]603-493-1489
DirectorLaura Bellacqua[email protected]978-387-0381
8th ALaura Bellacqua and
Matt Gagnon
[email protected] [email protected]978-387-0381
7th AJoe Torrisi[email protected]508-509-9583
6th AJenn Hicks[email protected]508-783-0788
5th AMatt Dancewicz, Pete Galvin[email protected]978-804-9439
5th BNeil Angis[email protected]
DirectorLarry Hurley[email protected]781-696-9135
8th ABill Robichaud[email protected]617-281-5267
7th ASteve Puglielli[email protected]617-407-0614
6th ASteve Puglielli[email protected]617-407-0614
5th APaul McNiece[email protected]781-572-6702
5th BJami Giordano[email protected]781-771-5723
4th AJim Murphy[email protected]781-405-7405
Salem NH   
DirectorFara Mosto[email protected]978-828-2858
8th ASteph Long[email protected]603-327-4926
7th AJenn Thompson[email protected]978-361-6066
6th AJay Schaefer[email protected]978-771-4355
6th BChristian Carroll[email protected]603-401-5306
4th ASierra Carr[email protected]603-892-3048
DirectorJim Schofield[email protected]781-640-9100
8th ALisa Funiciello[email protected]617-768-7592
7th ARob Pizzi[email protected]781-572-0620
6th AJudy Tilden[email protected]617-513-2913
5th AJon Mahoney[email protected]781-775-3685
4th BlueDavid Lord[email protected]617-823-6636
4th WhiteErin Menard[email protected]781-727-3167
DirectorMike Garabedian[email protected](978) 866-7672
8th A - RedJeff Stevenson[email protected](978) 447-3368
8th B - BlueLou Gnerre[email protected](781) 439-3544
7th A - RedBob Boudreau[email protected](978) 985-5855
6th A - RedPete Maniscalco[email protected](978) 944-0840
6th B - BlueJohn Pasquariello[email protected](978) 387-4865
6th C - WhiteBill Witts[email protected](617) 828-4190
5th A - RedKristiana Obie[email protected](978) 604-2143
5th B - BlueBrian Adams[email protected](603) 860-3520
DirectorMelissa DiMento[email protected]978-273-6009
6th ATara Amico[email protected]978-551-8245
5th ASteve Fugazzotto[email protected]339-221-1421
4th AChris DiMento[email protected]978-846-3287
DirectorNate Wilcox[email protected](617) 460-4444
8th AJeff Butland[email protected](617) 851-1573
8th BBill Herzog[email protected](781) 454-5954
7th ANate Wilcox[email protected](617) 460-4444
7th BTom Callahan[email protected](781) 258-8463
6th AMark Tringali[email protected](617) 835-4169
6th BRoger Marceau[email protected](781)-706-1006
5th AMark Balfe[email protected](857) 498-1280
4th ASean O'Brien[email protected](617) 256-6715
DirectorJulie Pepin[email protected](617)461-8597
8th AKevin Farley[email protected](978)8070111
7th AMelissa Pavoa[email protected](508)930-6197
6th AJonathan Ash[email protected](617)331-9412
5th AMatt Carroll[email protected](617)335-9453
4th AKevin Robertson[email protected](978)387-4400
DirectorJoe Langone[email protected]617-270-6034
8th A BlueRay Forcina[email protected]978-314-9997
8th B WhiteDave Oatis[email protected]781-799-3223
7th A BlueJeff Goldstein[email protected]857-205-5493
6th A BlueJoe Langone[email protected]617-270-6034
6th B WhiteJon Mehr[email protected]857-244-1475
5th A BlueEd White[email protected]
5th B WhiteChris Harper[email protected]617-320-5530
4th A BlueDerek Boyd[email protected]978-375-6921
4th B WhiteHowie Mulcahy[email protected]781-330-1750
Windham NH   
DirectorTimothy Kelleher[email protected]603-475-7055
8th AJoseph Fleming[email protected]847-754-5199
8th BLarissa Nigro[email protected]617-201-4717
7th ATom Labonville[email protected]617-549-6006
6th AChris Driscoll[email protected]774-249-2717
5th AChris Boyd[email protected]617-840-7978
4th ABrett Hollingshead[email protected]814-574-3409


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